21 October 2021

Today at the Park
Wild Thing Indoor Play will be open on Thursdays and Fridays throughout term time this Winter. Your visit will include unlimited use of our 1,000 sq ft Aztec indoor play centre including the Jungle Zap Zone interactive challenge! Park Information

Wild Bills Runaway Train

Ride the runaway train ride as it dips and dives!

Yeee haa! Well howdy there folks, welcome to the Wonderland Mine. One-Eye Jack is on the hunt for gold so best buckle up and get out of town! Join Wild Bill for a runaway train ride of dips and dives, loops and swoops!

Rules & Restrictions:

  • You must be at least 1m in height to ride
  • Remain seated at all times
  • Fasten seat belt and hold on to lap bar
  • Keep your hands inside the carriage at all times
  • If you are pregnant or suffer from back or neck problems, you are advised not to ride
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Ride Overview

Min Height: 1.0m
  • Adventureland