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Birthday – Full Park dates FAQ

Q. What is the Minimum and maximum number of Children for a Birthday Party?

A. The minimum number for all our Birthday parties is 10 Children. The maximum 18 children.
(please call if you would like increased numbers)

We suggest that if you are unsure of your exact numbers, you book for the MINIMUM 10 children, and let us know 48hrs before your party what your exact numbers will be. We will amend your booking and you can pay the balance on the day. All catering numbers will be charged. No refunds for non attendance.

Q. What if it’s wet?

A. Wild Thing! and our Theatre Shows will give hours of undercover excitement. Whatever the weather – the party goes on!
(We do not offer refunds in the event of adverse weather)

Q. Are the outside rides and attractions included with my package?

A. All full park parties included access to the outside rides and attractions and the indoor play centre as standard. Please note: Some rides and attractions have height/age restrictions. Not all attractions may be available on all dates. Last rides outside are dependant on date of visit. Not all rides share the same open/close times. Queue lines may close earlier than the last ride times, dependant on queue length. ALWAYS check our ‘Before Visit’ information to plan your day at the park.

Q. What benefits do I get for booking a Birthday Party if I am a  Member?

A. If the birthday child holds a current valid Membership they will receive their place free, plus if you book online you will still receive a 10% Discount. (Please note: The birthday party must be booked on a date that is relevant to the Membership type. If your Membership has not started yet or you are a winter member the free place will not apply on full park opening dates between Sept – Mid March)

Q. What if other current members are attending the party

A. The cost, per child, of the party includes the use of a party room, meal, ice lolly, squash, party bag and the meet and greet service of the party host and meal delivery to the party room. Due to this no other members can be added to any party package without paying the full party admission rate.

Q. What can the adults do?

A. Adults can enjoy all of the rides and attractions in the park with the children. In Wild Thing on the mezzanine area they will find comfy sofas, and widescreen TV!

Q. Our arrival to the park

A. Please ensure your guests all arrive at your selected arrival time and gather at the ticket booth. For ‘Really Wild’ and ‘Toddler’ Parties please ensure your arrival time is at least 45 mins before your booked eating time. For Pony Parties please ensure you arrive at least 30 mins before your Pony Party starts. For ‘After School’ parties please ensure all of your guests arrive as close to 3:30pm as possible to ensure you get the most out of your party.

Q. Where should children arrive and be collected?

A. The Party Organiser should arrive at the Meeting Point by the Ticket Booth in plenty of time to gather all the party-goers together. It’s a good idea to arrange with parents who are dropping their children off that collection is from the same point at an agreed time.

Q. Can the adults eat too?

A. We provide a good quantity of food for the children, but if you require extra for the adults to eat as well, then please let us know and we will be happy to supply a buffet for adults at a discounted rate. This must be pre-booked 48hrs in advance.

Q. How do I pay?

A. The Party Balance is to be paid for by the Organiser before the eating time of  the Party. You will be charged for all the children present at the Party (minimum of 10, maximum of 18.), any additonal adult buffet and extra adults. We suggest that if you are unsure of your numbers at the time of booking, that you book for the MINIMUM 10 children and let us know  final numbers a48 hours before your party . If the adults want to pay for themselves it is simplest for you to collect their money and pay the whole balance, rather than them paying at the Ticket Booth on entry.

Q. Can we bring a ‘costume character’ to entertain our party guests?

A. Customers are not permitted at any time to provide a costume character to entertain their guests. As we are a business open to the public, any character within our park has to have permission form the copyright license holder for the character to be used. Our special event character days are provided by Rainbow Productions, London with full copyright permission from the license holder.

Q. What if my numbers change?

A. Please let us have your final numbers 24 hours in advance of the party (48hrs in the case of a cold buffet or adult buffet) so we may guarantee a sufficient supply of food for all the children. All catering numbers paid for will be charged.

Q. Childrens ages

A. The cost of the party is calculated on the age of the children on the day of the party and not at the time of booking

Q. Siblings

A. If parents decide to bring siblings or other family members they will be charged at the standard group admission prices, this will not include party food. No exception to this rule. An adult is classed as anyone over the age of 16. Children under 16 will not be permitted adult entry at any time.

Q. Pony Palace Party

You still receive unlimited play at the park along with the Pony Party. Please be sure you arrive at least 15 minutes before your Pony Party start time. The Pony Party portion of your day will start 1.5hrs before your eating time.

Q. Toddler Party

This party is for children under the school age (Under4’s). Unlimited adults offer is subject to a fair usage policy, we are able at any time to restrict the adults (fair use, 2 adults per child). Only available term time.

Q. After School Party

This is a party for children aged 4yrs+ with a party Arrival time of  3:30pm and eating time of 4:30pm. Only available term time Monday – Thursday.

Information for guests invited to a Birthday Party at Adventure Wonderland.

Important information for attendees of birthday parties held at Adventure Wonderland.

Adventure Wonderland does not supervise the party guests. All responsibility for supervision falls to the organiser of the party and the additional family members/adults attending with the children.

All parties receive a minimum of 1:1 free adults. (one adult for every booked child place) It is the responsibility of the party organiser to allocate the free adult places. On arrival to the park, the party organiser should inform the Adventure Wonderland ‘Party Greeter’ how the free adult allocation will be worked and if the organiser will be covering the cost of additional adults.

Free adult allocation applies to persons over the age of 16 years. No persons under this age will be granted free admission under the 1:1 free adult allocation.

IMPORTANT: Adventure Wonderland will not admit additional guests/adults into the park without payment. All additional siblings, adults, guests will receive discounted admission at our group rate which will be payable at our ticket booth.

Dropping off and collecting: Parents/children should arrive promptly at the booked arrival time of the party. Adventure Wonderland cannot be held responsible for any issues arising due to late/early arrival.

Parents/Guardians collecting children from a party should arrive at the ticket booth at the time stated by the party organiser. The party organiser must escort the children back to the ticket booth for this time. Adventure Wonderland will not admit parents/guardians/siblings into the park to collect the party guests.

For Terms and Conditions please click here.

Birthday Parties cannot be booked on Special Event or Character days. Please check our Events page for date information