Membership – Feb/March Opening

Date Reminders:
Wild Thing Only Dates: Daily up to and including 10th Feb followed by weekdays only from 20th Feb up to and including 31st March 2017 excluding 13th March where we are closed.

Adventure Wonderland Park Opening dates: Daily from 1st April – 6th September

Validity Periods:

Valid on WILD THING opening dates up to and including 31st March 2017.
(Not valid for use on any full park opening date or 13th March where we are closed)

Valid for use FROM 1st APRIL 2017 – 29th October 2017
(Not valid for park access before 1st April 2017)

Valid for use every day during your 12 month membership period

All memberships come complete with comprehensive information about their validity periods, both on the application forms, terms and conditions and the website membership pages.

Even though this clear information is published, we are still asked the same question from customers who purchased both winter and summer memberships. We have detailed the question below and supplied the answer which we hope enables you to understand the restrictions on the seasonal memberships and the value for money they offer for their respective valid periods.

Q. Why can’t I use any of my memberships during the full park opening dates in Feb or March, I have purchased both and feel it is unfair.

A. We offer great value for money with our memberships, 98% of our members purchase the seasonal memberships while they are on offer which gives even greater value for money. An example of this is the Winter 2016 and Summer 2017 memberships.
Winter 2016 Memberships were Buy one, Get One Half Price
Summer 2017 Memberships were 50% off
Based on a child 4 years old:
Winter Membership £24.71
Summer Membership £24.99
Total of £49.70 per child for both memberships combined
Annual membership for a child 4 years or over £79
Customers paid approx £49 for both Winter and Summer membership combined for a child aged 4 years or above. This is up to £30 less than our Annual members who have purchased the annual membership to get ‘all year round’ access. The Annual memberships are not included in any offer and include the additional 19 days of park access as an ‘exclusive’ part of the membership.

The Annual Membership is available to purchase all year, and is valid from the purchase date for unlimited free admission over all standard opening dates and times for 12 months. If any customers are wanting access during the Feb/March opening dates, we recommend purchasing the full priced annual membership.

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