Summer 2017 Membership Offer!

The final offer for Summer 2017 Memberships!


25% off all standard Summer 2017 single memberships!

Adult £52.00 £39.00
Child 3+ Yrs £52.00 £39.00
Child 2 Yrs £32.00 £24.00
Senior £42.00 £31.50
Reg. Disabled inc free carer £35.00

The Summer Membership gives you unlimited admissions on all of our standard opening dates and times from
1st April 2017 – 29th October 2017!
Less than 3 visits and the membership has paid for itself.

All character days are included
10% cafe & gift shop discount
^Birthday child goes free with all party options!
(^see birthday pages for full information)

 *Terms and Conditions:

  • Offers valid from 1st – 28th February 2017.
  • 25% discount automatically applied online
  • Summer 2017 Memberships valid for use from 1st April 2017 and cannot be used before this date.
  • All offers associated with the Summer Memberships can only be redeemed during the valid membership period.
  • Registered Disabled membership is both discounted and includes an adult carer admission with every visit as standard, due to this double offer there is no further discount available.
  • This offer is only available online by clicking the Buy Now link below for a limited time as listed above.
  • ALL memberships are valid for use by ONE NAMED PERSON only.
  • Memberships must be paid by debit/credit card online to receive offer. (Please note that the card holder must mach the registered name and address for the card being used.
  • You must choose the membership type that applies to the age of your child during the membership term from 1st April 2017 and not their age at time of purchase.
  • Summer Memberships are subject to Terms and Conditions and a Calendar of Use. Please CLICK HERE to read and download the terms (PDF)
  • Our standard park terms and conditions also apply.

When making online purchases:
*Please ensure the card you are using matches every detail of the name and address of the person making the online purchase. The address used MUST match the statement address of the card used, if this instruction is not followed your online payment will fail and you will have to try again.
*Do not refresh your page or leave the page while your payment is processing.
*When making a successful payment you will be presented with a ‘Payment accepted’ message.
*We can appreciate that our website and online payment system will be busier than usual due to this offer. If you encounter problems accessing the online sales system, please try again later.

ONLINE ONLY for new members. Existing winter members or previous 2016 summer members can buy online, in person or over the phone

Click the link below to download and read the full Summer Membership Terms And Conditions. (PDF)


  • Children aged 2 Years
  • Children aged 3 years +
  • Adult
  • Senior Citizens
  • Reg. Disabled (inc Adult Carer)
  • 2018 Summer Membership!

  • £16.00

  • £26.00

  • £26.00

  • £21.00

  • £17.50

  • 1 Day Ticket prices!

  • £6.99

  • £13.99

  • £13.99

  • £10.99

  • £8.99

Online FAQ:
If you are using a android or apple smartphone and encounter any problems entering details, please turn the phone to landscape view (turn phone on its side) which should resolve any problems, alternately download the ‘Google Chrome’ browser from the play store/app store, this browser is fully functioning in both portrait and landscape views.
If you are still having problems, please send an email to or send us a message on Facebook or leave a message on our main voicemail by calling 01202 483444 and pressing 20 as soon as you hear the recorded message leaving us your contact details before midnight on Tuesday 28th February 2017 and a team member will get back to you asap.
CONTACT MUST BE MADE BEFORE MIDNIGHT ON 28th February 2017, any requests made after this time will not be valid for the offer.

The Online system will be busy during the first few days of the offer. If you are having trouble accessing the online membership selection, please try again later. We apologise in advance if the high volume of customers using our website causes a delay in your purchase. AW